Easiest vote: The death penalty repeal and Firearms Safety Act, which limits gun magazine sizes and requires background checks before gun purchases, were the easiest pieces of legislation to vote for.

"I was thoroughly convinced, of the hot button issues, that I needed to do the death penalty and we needed to abolish that and we needed to have greater gun safety," Kelley said.

Hardest bill vote: Storm water runoff fee.

"Everybody's got to pay and the money just isn't there right now," Kelley said. "So to not do what the environmentalists really wanted and what is needed in the long run in order to deal with the human need ... that was hard to deal with."

Del. Adrienne Jones

Highlight: Seeing a number of controversial pieces of legislation pass.

"The key one, obviousl,y was the firearm legislation, the transportation, the death penalty," Jones said. "There was something in this budget, whether you were a rural person, an environmentalist, supporting education. There was something for everyone in this budget and I think that was the highlight."

Low light: Mediating during the gun control bill.

"Because some of the individuals, they made an assumption that, by passing this, that we're taking away their rights," Jones said. "It got heated on the floor with some of the members. That's the unfortunate part of it." .

Easiest vote: After serving on the committee that created it and listening to family members of murder victims testify for it, the death penalty repeal.

"They wanted the repeal, and I think that was enlightening to me to hear about that," Jones said.

Hardest vote:: "Probably be the transportation," Jones said. "People would not understand (why it passed) because there's a tax increase."

Del. James Malone

Highlight: Passage of his cellphone bill, which, he said, has been in the works for seven years.

Low light: "I am very disappointed because I spent four months working to put the confidence back into the speed camera system," Malone said.

"And the bill that we put together was everybody sitting down, 40-50 people at every work session, to craft a piece of legislation that everybody agreed to," he said.

"All of that that we did and to have it on it the last day to be defeated by someone who doesn't have speed cameras in any of the counties that he represents," Malone said.

Easiest vote: "The vote against the gas tax," Malone said.

"What you have to realize is that I have the poorest elementary and middle school in Baltimore County. My biggest concern with the gas tax is the fact that you really can't control the gas tax," he said. "Do we need money for infrastructure? Absolutely. Did I think the gas tax was the way to go? Absolutely not." .

Hardest vote: Malone said that he had trouble with the gas tax, gun legislation and the death penalty repeal.