Catonsville Chair Project nears close

Friday, Sept. 6, is the last day to bid on a unique, decorated chair that is part of the first Catonsville Chair Project.

The project, sponsored by the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce, partnered local artists with local businesses to create 25 special Adirondack chairs for auction.

The chairs went on display during the weekly Frederick Road Fridays summer concert series June 14. As of Aug. 29, only 12 chairs had bids, ranging from the starting amount of $300 up to $350.

The money from the auction will go to the chamber's Economic Development Committee's small grant program, which provides local businesses with grants for small improvements and revitalizations.

Teal Cary, executive director of the chamber, said bid winners will be announced at Sunday's Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival.

The remaining chairs will be raffled off during the Sept. 8 event.

"People can pick up their chair and pay for it at the arts festival," Cary said. "And we would like them to do that."

She said that, while not all the chairs have bids, the project is still a success.

"They started them at $300 because the chairs themselves are handmade by an Amish company, and so the chairs are over $150 before we paint them," Cary said. "And then you have a custom piece of art painted by a local artist.

"It's certainly drawn attention to the chamber's Economic Development Committee and the small grant program that we're trying to establish," she said. "We want to continue to do those small projects [to revitalize the area] but we need to fund that grant program."

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