Balto. Co. may use buyouts to eliminate 200 jobs

To trim operational costs, Baltimore County officials may offer eligible employees a retirement incentive package that could lead to the elimination of about 200 jobs. At the request of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, the County Council introduced a bill Monday detailing the offers that will be made to about 1,100 eligible employees in the county's workforce of about 8,000. Those eligible for and interested in the offer would have to apply no later than Dec. 30 and would end their service by Feb. 29.

Members will discuss the proposal at the Sept. 27 work session and could vote on it at the first meeting in October. The measure would target about 200 jobs that could be eliminated with no reduction in services to residents. Officials said they are not considering layoffs, but positions deemed non-essential will not be filled as employees resign from the county's employ.

"The county is trying to save money, especially in these uncertain economic times," said Council President John Olszewski. "We don't know yet what kind of cuts will be coming down from the state. We have to be proactive."

The county eliminated about 180 jobs in the current budget, which ends June 30.

"We won't hurt services to citizens," Olszewski said. "We just won't fill positions that are vacated."

A previous version of this story incorrectly listed the date until which employees could work once they accepted the buyout offer. The Sun regrets the error.

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