Slain Randallstown teen's family continues to rally for murder charges

Christopher Brown's family and other supporters gathered in Towson again to protest what they believe are weak charges brought against the police officer charged in the teen's death.

The crowd gathered outside the Baltimore County Circuit courthouse Monday — exactly two months after Brown's death — to lobby the state's attorney's office to consider murder charges against James D. Laboard. The Baltimore County officer faces manslaughter charges.

The family's attorney, Russell Neverdon, said he believes Laboard could have received a stricter second-degree murder charge given that Laboard chased Brown before the teen died from asphyxiation. Murder charges would require the state to show whether Laboard intended to kill Brown.

Police said Laboard went after Brown when he found teens throwing rocks at his front door.

The Police Department and state's attorney's office have said the officer was not treated differently because of his status as a policeman.

The family is also working to create legislation that would prohibit police departments from training officers to execute restraint techniques that render subjects unconscious.

Laboard has a scheduling conference Tuesday to set a trial date.

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