"Eventually, Baltimore City started buying little water companies around the city," Gochar said. "That's how they came to own the property and they just forgot about it."

Baltimore County Water Company was purchased by Baltimore City in 1921, and a water filtration plant on the site was closed in 1924. The property "appears to have been abandoned since that time," the record said.

Neighborspace will hold a community input meeting for neighbors surrounding the site to discuss what they would like to happen with the property. No date has been set yet.

"Ultimately, I would like to see Neighborspace have complete control of the property," said 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk, who represents the area. "I think this is a great success for everyone involved and if there are any issues, I'm confident that we can work together with the community to find a solution that works for everyone to preserve open space in a high development area."

Philipsen said some residents have voiced concerns about increased traffic in their neighborhood, should the land be designated as open space.

However, John Davis, 76, who lives on Hilltop Road, said he is not concerned.

"I'd love to see it used as open space, as part of Patapsco Valley State Park," said Davis, treasurer of the Hilltop/Maple Community Association.

"All kinds of ideas have been put forth about what should be here," Philipsen said. "One that has caused some anxiety was turning the site into a lake."

Philipsen explained that, in the past, a lake on the site was used for ice skating. However, after determining that such a use would not be environmentally sound, such an idea wouldn't work, he said.

"People have lots of different ideas about how these spaces can be used and it is our job to figure out how they can best be used within the environmental and access constraints, like what we're seeing with this property," Philipsen said.