“We fill orders for several of the online sites. We wouldn't be here if we didn't,” she said. “They have much more money to position themselves on the Internet.” 

Because the companies offer floral arrangements at low prices, the quality of the product suffers.

"Let's face it, something has to give," Riedel said.

All three florists pointed out that while online companies offer lower prices, there are hidden fees that add up and often make the floral arrangements similar in price to those offered at a local florist.

"They are people who are just taking orders and passing them on, so there is no personal relationship with you," Jones said.

"The quality you're getting [from online companies] is not your local florist quality," she said.

When customers ask the local store to match the low prices offered by online companies, Murphy says Corner Florist can't because their flowers are of a higher quality and cost more.

"I can't provide them with a dozen high quality roses for $19.99. They're costing me more than that," Jones said.

There have been times when customers have purchased flowers from an online company that are of poor quality or arrive late, and they have become customers of Corner Florist, Murphy said.

"I feel like they know what they're getting here. [Customers] are going to see me around in the community. I want to give people top quality," said Jones, a board member of the Lansdowne Business and Professional Association.