Sulphur Spring sidewalk installation under way

Pedestrians who have been waiting for a safer route to the Arbutus Library, the Arbutus Senior Center and the Arbutus Recreation Center may not have much longer to wait.

The project to install a new sidewalk stretching from Shelbourne Road to the complex at the corner of Sulphur Spring Road Selford Road that contains the three community centers is expected to be completed as early as Friday, Aug. 30.

"What it's going to involve is, from the library to Shelbourne ... a curb along the cemetery and a sidewalk, which is going to provide access," said Rahee Famili, chief of highway design for Baltimore County.

The 1,700-foot sidewalk will cost about $300,000 to install and will provide a safe walking route between neighborhoods, such as the one on Elm Road, and Arbutus Middle School at 5525 Shelbourne Road.

"The politicians, and also the residents, have been requesting this sidewalk for a long time," Famili said. "When the cemetery came in, we asked them to give us the right of way so we could go ahead and do this."

Famili said the project, which began Aug. 21, is expected to be completed this week.

The project was originally estimated to take up to six weeks to complete, but resources became available to complete the project in about 10 days, Famili said.

That meant the project should be finished just as students complete their first week in Baltimore County Public Schools.

"It's just coincidence," Famili said of the timing. "It all depends on the weather and the amount of work that the contractors have."

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