He said Jackson has served as a role model for the class as well as providing encouragement to the students.

"I think he gave them the opportunity to make mistakes and be OK with it and work through it," Tracy said.

"He's a real laid-back guy and a very go with the flow kind of character, but he's a virtuoso on his instrument," Tracy said.

"A lot of what he imparted to the kids was some of his style," he said.

"I think he inspired some confidence in them," he said.

Tracy said that, prior to this year, the Hippodrome partnership did not extend past the vocal program and he was glad to get the guitar program involved.

"One of the reasons that I came to Lansdowne is because I thought this partnership with the Hippodrome was really great," he said.

Per Jackson and Tracy's combined ideas, the students will perform a variety of pieces ranging from George Washington Carver Jr.'s "Mr. Magic" to The Eagles' "Hotel California."

"I try to give them a good diet of different types of music," Tracy said. "They would probably have never turned on or listened to a jazz piece."

He is also looking forward to performing at the Hippodrome and sees a bright future for the program.

"I feel like this is the beginning of something really good," Tracy said.