A cookie exchange, from one troop to a troop of a different kind

Lansdowne Girl Scouts donate cookies to military members

A Lansdowne-area Girl Scout troop collected and donated 39 cases of Girl Scout Cookies — that's 468 boxes — to military troops at Fort Meade.

The connection between Troop 841 of The Girls Scouts of Lansdowne and Southwest Baltimore and the Army's 781st Military Intelligence Battalion from Fort Meade came about after Staff Sgt. Kody Scutt entered a 7-Eleven convenience store in Linthicum Heights where 17-year-old Hope Valentine was working.

Valentine, a Girl Scout, had been looking for a military contact to donate cookies. In recent years, the scouts donated the cookies to troops overseas, but they lost touch with their contact. Enter Scutt, who was able to arrange the local donation.

"It helps the soldiers realize they're important and we respect them," she said. "Everyone loves cookies, so why not."

The Girl Scouts collected boxes of cookies and donations as they sold cookies. At the 7-Eleven, Valentine set up a collection box for donations to purchase additional cookies.

The donation was made in December.

The cookies, at $4 per box, had a retail value of $1,872.

Scutt said the cookies raised morale at the workplace and at home, as the troops were able to bring cookies to their families. Thin Mints were popular among the troops, he said.

"Not only were the soldiers fed but their families were fed delicious treats as well," he said.

The troops were able to thank the scouts in person in February. They presented the Girl Scouts with a certificate of appreciation.

"It's great because those are the future leaders of America," Scutt said. "It was cool that we get to thank them for their generosity and it's cool that a high schooler in the immediate area is thankful for our service."

The troop consists of seven girls ages 14-16, said troop leader Linda Grice.

The troop donates cookies to community groups each year, Grice said. In years past, donations have been made to the nearby English Consul Volunteer Fire Department, police officers and troops overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"It's good to teach the girls to give back to their community," Grice said. "We like to give back to people who work for us."

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