Mother of two crafts duct tape creations

Halethorpe resident Christina Vaughn will be participating in the festival for the first time this year, displaying her unique creations made entirely of duct tape.

"Actually, it all started with my 12-year-old and my 8-year-old," said Vaughn, who calls herself the Arbutus Duct Tape Lady. "They wanted me to make things out of duct tape and at the time I didn't even know the craft existed."

That was two years ago.

"At the time, I thought my kids had lost their mind, because they wanted me to make them something out of tape," she said.

Since then, Vaughn has expanded to include more than 65 rolls of different colored and patterned duct tapes with which she makes jewelry, handbags, bow ties, picture frames and more.

"I just, I make things out of duct tape," Vaughn said. "It's all 100 percent tape.

"If you can think of it, they have it," she said of tape patterns available, which now even feature professional and college sports team logos.

As she expanded her trade, she began a small, online business, selling her products out of her home.

She said she is looking forward to participating in the arts festival and seeing customers face to face.

"I've done small craft fairs and vendor fairs, but nothing to this extent. So it's kind of like a real big feeler for me to see how it goes," Vaughn said.

"It's kind of a little nerve wracking, but at the same time really exciting," she said. "Part of my display is even made out of tape."

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