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Early voting begins in Maryland with busy polls around the region

Marylanders are getting their first opportunity to cast ballots in early voting in the hotly contested presidential election between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump today. Turnout across the state has been high. About 95,000 people had voted across the state by 5 p.m. On the...

Republican Alan Walden says he will cut taxes, streamline agencies if elected Baltimore mayor


  • The lesson of Dixon's write-in campaign

    The lesson of Dixon's write-in campaign

    We endorsed state Sen. Catherine Pugh for mayor over former mayor Sheila Dixon in April's Democratic primary, and events since then have only made us more confident in our choice. We recognize Ms. Dixon's experience and a number of accomplishments of her administration, but we also remain disappointed...

  • A conservative's case for Catherine Pugh

    A conservative's case for Catherine Pugh

    My voter registration bars me from participating in Baltimore's Democratic primary — the only contest that really matters when determining the city's future leadership and direction. So, for the past 12 years I have lived here, mayoral contests have been, for me, strictly a spectator's sport. This...

  • Beyond the charter amendments

    Beyond the charter amendments

    Members of the Baltimore City Council who decided not to override Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's veto of two proposed charter amendments did the right thing. Both a proposal to strip future mayors of control of the Board of Estimates and one to give the council power to reallocate funds in the...

  • Baltimore elections: 'stuff happens' isn't good enough

    Baltimore elections: 'stuff happens' isn't good enough

    Back in 2000, the state of Florida became an international laughingstock over its difficulties tallying ballots. Baltimore has escaped that ignominy so far this year only because the fate of a presidential election is not in the balance. But the difficulty of its elections specialists in tallying...

  • A welcome review of Baltimore's primary

    A welcome review of Baltimore's primary

    Baltimore City isn't the only jurisdiction in Maryland that has been known to have problems on election day. In the 2010 gubernatorial primary, some poll workers in Baltimore County forgot to remove memory cards from voting machines, delaying the results. In the 2006 primary, some Montgomery County...

  • Baltimore's big bait-and-switch

    Baltimore's big bait-and-switch

    When Baltimore primary voters went to the polls last month to select the Democratic nominee for mayor, they were choosing among candidates who had presented sweeping visions for transforming the city. The candidate they selected, state Sen. Catherine Pugh, promised increased focus on improving...


  • Mayoral recount? Bring it on

    Mayoral recount? Bring it on

    We endorsed Catherine Pugh. We think she should be the next mayor, and based on everything we have seen so far from the preliminary counting of votes from last week's election, we expect she will be the Democratic nominee. That said, we have no quarrel with former mayor Sheila Dixon or anyone else...

  • Six things Catherine Pugh needs to do -- now

    Six things Catherine Pugh needs to do -- now

    Today's Democratic primary didn’t technically elect Catherine Pugh Baltimore’s next mayor, but barring some sort of cataclysmic event between now and November, it might as well have. Since Theodore McKeldin became the city’s last Republican mayor in 1963, the closest anyone has come to knocking...

  • The Sun's endorsements

    The Sun's endorsements

    The Sun's editorial board endorses these candidates in Tuesday's primary.

  • Baltimore's time to vote has finally arrived

    Baltimore's time to vote has finally arrived

  • Pugh for mayor

    Pugh for mayor

    A year after Freddie Gray's death, Baltimoreans are eager for change. From the smallest neighborhood groups to the city's biggest institutions, people are clamoring for ways to address problems we have ignored for too long but which came painfully to the surface during last April's protests and...

  • For the sitting judges

    Regular readers of this page may recall that we are not fans of forcing Maryland's appointed circuit court judges to run in open elections. They are the only members of this state's judiciary who can be unseated by any Tom, Dick or Harry with a filing fee, and even the most attentive voters are...