Sanitary sewer overflow in Stony Run

A sanitary sewer overflow was reported Thursday morning in Stony Run near 39th Street, as a result of an 8-inch pipe break, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works said.

Workers were using a harmless red dye to help pinpoint the exact location of the break in the main, so the stream might appear pink, Public Works said in a press release.

The overflow is estimated at 50 to 100 gallons per minute, exceeding reporting limits, spokesman Jeffrey Raymond said.

"Once it exceeds 10,000 gallons, we have to report it," Raymond said.

The sewage eventually "washes itself out," Raymond said. But he said Public Works discourages people from swimming in or using any of the city's streams, "for that very reason," he said.

The Maryland Department of the Environment and the Baltimore City Health Department have been notified and the stream has been posted, Public Works said.

For more information about health concerns, call the Health Department at 410-396-4422.

Baltimore City is entering the construction phase of a consent decree program with the federal government to rehabilitate and replace aging sewer lines, Public Works said.


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