"It's a big building," he said. "We did it on a shoestring."

Demczuk said it's too early to tell how successful Peabody Heights Brewery will be — but so far, "We're doing well. We've just got to work out the bugs and get more efficient."

Duncan, of the Red Cross, wishes them the best.

"We love them very much," she said. "They're good to us."

The brewery drew interest on Saturday from patrons of The Book Thing of Baltimore across the street, where people donate books and take other books for free.

"I wanted to see what was going on here," said a Guilford resident, who asked not to be named.

Among those who stopped by was City Councilman Carl Stokes, who represents Charles Village.

"It's a great use and reuse of the property," Stokes said. He said he hopes "it will be a successful business that will grow."

the tasting room, which was open for the day, was crowded with people like Heather Stewart, 42, a pathologist's assistant from Perry Hall. Stewart said she found out about the party on Facebook and took her father, retired engineer Steve Stewart, 66, of Jarrettsville, as a Father's Day present.

They were duly impressed as they stood in the tasting room, which was open for the day.

"My dad and I enjoy going to breweries," Stewart said. "We newer knew this was here."