Abell holds its annual chili cookoff

It wasn't exactly a chilly day for a bowl of chili, as the entries in Abell's annual chili cookoff Oct. 6 added a little spice and heat to an already hot afternoon.

"It's usually in colder weather," said Jenny Harbold, one of about 20 neighbors who turned out for the Sunday event in the community open space on 32nd Street.

"I just wish it felt more like fall," said Jonathan Petters.

But there were no complaints about the chili — including Texas beef chili with figs and vegan chili with roasted butternut squash — or about the camaraderie at the cookoff.

In fact, the cookoff wasn't really a competition, since many people came without chili. But the few pots of chili on hand were plenty to feed the crowd.

"Better it all gets eaten," said Bonnie Bessor, who brought the vegan chili.

Larry Perl

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