New store Bazaar opens in Hampden

Surveying shelves filled with shrunken skulls, prosthetic legs, stuffed raccoons, vials marked "Biohazard," and a jar of gallstones, was the mounted head of an African wildebeest.

The owners nicknamed him Stanley.

July 5 was opening day of Hampden's newest store, "Bazaar: Curiosities and Oddities."

To mark the occasion, co-owners Greg Hatem, 26, a waiter in Federal Hill, and Brian Henry, 24, a photo lab technician in Belvedere Square, played a vinyl recording of cheerful German jingles from the 1970s.

"It kind of stems from our personal interest," said Hatem, explaining what drew the Waverly residents to their eclectic inventory, which also includes a "Funeral: No Parking" sign, a stuffed squirrel eating a sandwich, and several relics of medical quackery — including a "Face Rejuvenator" machine. Much of their finds came from collectors, auctions and online wholesalers.

But their biggest find was the space for rent, a former plumber's office at 3534 Chestnut Ave., at West 36th Street, The Avenue.

"It's a perfect location. I think Hampden is the perfect place for this," Hatem said.

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