City public works crews continue to determine water main damage

City public works crews are still working to determine the extent of problems from a sinkhole on East Monument Street, just east of Johns Hopkins Hospital, where residents and businesses are expected to be without natural gas for weeks.

A six-inch water main broke at the 2300 block of East Monument Street between Bradford and Montford within the existing sinkhole that left least 15 businesses and second-story apartments without natural gas service on Wednesday. Discharge from the broken main increased the collapse, causing 60 units between 2322 and 2342 East Monument Street to lose water until Sunday, according to a department of public works statement.

BGE has capped the gas line to allow crews to safely inspect the area, while of public works crews have investigated water and wastewater utilities for damage using cameras, but city DPW officials believe other voids may be under the road that could cause additional damage. Crews will use radar to identify voids and the full extent of the sinkhole, keeping the road closed into next week.

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