More than 30 puppies found locked in Baltimore home without food, water

Nearly three dozen dogs, all but one of them puppies, were found locked in crates without food or water in a Baltimore home Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

Animal Control found the 32 puppies and an adult dog in the home in the first block of North Tremont Rd. when they responded to a call from a neighbor reporting excessive barking.

The man living in the home told authorities that he had bought the puppies, which ranged in breed but were around 8 weeks old, out-of-state and planned to sell them.

Doing so is illegal in Baltimore without a commercial permit, according to Jennifer Brause, the executive director of the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.

Brause said the puppies were uninjured. Two have already been placed in new homes, and the rest will be put up for adoption by BARCS and partner shelters.

"They appear to be healthy; some were a little thin," she said. "There were several in each crate, and they didn't have food or water."

The suspect was not named by authorities. He was given 75 citations, totaling around $34,000, for operating without a kennel license, failing to vaccinate the animals and give them proper space, food and water.

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