This week, police arrested three men who they say committed two robberies in West Baltimore while displaying gold badges under the pretense of serving warrants.

Demon Harris, 36, of Dundalk; Donte Driggs, 23, of Randallstown; and Wayne Kasey, 26, of Randallstown were spotted by an officer after dispatchers put out word that three men presenting themselves as police officers had just committed a robbery. Police say they were committing another robbery at the time they were caught.

According to police, items found on the suspects include gold "fugitive recovery agent" badges, a bullet-resistant vest, and a pellet gun and a "blank gun" that resembled handguns.

At least one of the men was also linked to an earlier incident. Driggs, a former correctional officer, was later charged in an Oct. 31 incident in which a 38-year-old man said he was approached in the 3100 block of Towanda Ave. by someone who appeared to be a plainclothes officer.

The victim said he had been stopped, questioned, and placed in hand restraints. He said the man took money from his pocket, talked to him for a brief time, and then took off the restraints and let him go.

Cherry said such incidents are "frightening" and that the Police Department can only do so much to curb them.

"These guys are still going to do what they can, because the goal for them is to get money," he said.

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