Najee Thomas vigil [Pictures]

As Ahmad Hunter and Will Winder held vigil Tuesday night out in front of the home where Najee Thomas, 14, was shot and killed earlier in the day, they couldn't help but smile as they remembered their friend. The three, who dubbed themselves N.A.W., an acronym made up of their first names, had a summertime routine: Najee would come knock on their doors. They would go to the Chicken Box, where Najee always ordered a sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwich and toast with butter and jelly. Then, they'd play pick-up basketball until they were sore. Will, 18, and Ahmad, 16, sat on the curb sipping Minute Maid fruit punch from plastic cups by a chain-link fence laden with candles and mementos with dozens of other friends in the 600 block of Roundview Road Tuesday. Najee's grandmother, Pamela Thomas Ingram, said the boy was "everything to me." "He always called me: 'Grandma, can I come over?'" she said. "His father is crushed." Ahmad stressed that it wasn't just another Baltimore killing. "He was trying to do something with his life," he said. "He wanted to be a lawyer or a police officer." --Colin Campbell
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