Students, adults injure two staff members at Edmondson-Westside High School, official says

Two people were arrested Wednesday in connection with an after-school confrontation earlier this week inside Edmondson-Westside High School that left two staff members injured, a school official said.

Edie House-Foster, school system spokeswoman, said a group of eight students and adults entered the high school after dismissal on Monday and “physically confronted staff members.” She did not identify the staff members or specify their injuries.

“Two staff members were injured and subsequently received medical attention,” House-Foster said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with them for their speedy recovery.”

One of the students involved had been involved in fighting earlier Monday during the school day, she said.

House-Foster did not say on what charges the two participants were arrested or identify them.

The school police investigation is ongoing, she said, “to ensure that all participants receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the law and City Schools’ code of conduct.”

“School and district leadership are working with the school community to ensure that students and staff experience a safe, secure, and positive climate for teaching and learning every day,” House-Foster said.

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