Timeline: 13-year-old killed; boys charged


1. Monae Turnage, 13, leaves home in 1700 block of Sinclair Lane about 8 p.m.

2. She arrives at friend's house in 1600 block of Darley Ave., about six blocks away, and prepares to go to roller skating rink. They return when one of the youths doesn't have enough money to get in.

3. Inside the house on Darley Avenue, police say the group plays with a .22 caliber long rifle and one of the youths shoots Monae in the chest. Police say the girl's body was dragged across the alley and into a back yard and covered with trash bags.

4. Shortly after 10 p.m., one of the youths calls Monae's mother and says that Monae is on her way home. He called again to ask if she had arrived. .

5. About 1 a.m., her mother calls police.

6. An officer arrives at 1:30 a.m. to take report.

7. Police officer makes contact with one of the youths, who tells him that Monae had left Darley Avenue in an unknown direction.

8. The police officer drives to the rowhouse on Darley Avenue and knocks on the door. No one answered. A citywide dispatch was put out with the girl's description.


1. Relatives of Monae fan out in Darley Park

2. About 6 p.m., Maliq spots a leg sticking out from under trash bags.

3. Police question the youths Monae had been with and search the house on Darley Avenue.

4. By 4 p.m., police charge boys 12 and 13 as juveniles with involuntary manslaughter, and say the shooting occurred while the group was playing with the gun.


1. Police confirm that an officer was suspended for conduct in the aftermath of the shooting. Sources say the officer had a relationship with a relative of the suspect on Darley Avenue and that investigators are trying to determine whether he advised the juveniles after the shooting occurred.

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