Police commissioner says Inner Harbor is secure

Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III outlined the city's Independence Day security plan Monday evening, in the wake of an early morning shooting downtown near the Inner Harbor, where thousands are expected to gather tonight for the fireworks.

"Several hundred uniformed and plainclothes police officers" from the city, as well as the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transit Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority were deployed to "ensure that we have a secure and safe July 4th celebration," Bealefeld said.

In addition to those patrolling on foot, dozens of others will be monitoring the city's 90-plus cameras and keeping tabs of officer location via GPS feeds from their cell phones. Some officers equipped with tag-reader technology will also be checking license plates to spot stolen cars and wanted individuals, throughout the night, Bealefeld said.

A man in his 20s was shot twice early Monday morning inside a parking garage at the 200 block of E. Lombard Street over a long-running dispute with his neighbors, and police wanted to reasure harbor visitors that the area was secure.

They plan to strictly enforce an 11 p.m. city curfew for minors and have already picked up more than 50 young people this weekend for being out too late.

"I believe we have sufficient resources," Bealefeld said. "If people come to be naughty, we're going to deal with them."


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