Fire officials won't be able to ask them for their Twitter handles or passwords, under a law passed by the Maryland General Assembly this year that prohibits such social media requests from employers in the state.

A few of the most recent anonymous Twitter handles created to talk about fire in Baltimore are @BCFDREPORTER, @BCFDUnderground and @ghostof15hook. Truck 15 is one of the companies targeted for closure.

The brief description of the account on @ghostof15hook's homepage reads: "Killed 7/9/12 By a Mayor with no conscience, a Council with no morals, and a Chief with NO BACKBONE."

Inflammatory tweets

People identifying themselves as members of the Baltimore City Fire Department have called city and Fire Department officials a slew of insults in recent weeks on Twitter, mainly for their decision to close three of the city's fire companies. Many of the 140-character tweets can't be printed, but here's a sampling of some of the barbs:

@BCFDREPORTER on July 10: "@MayorSRB Cut fire companies due to budget crisis yet fire chief gets a guaranteed raise? Excellent business sense you have."

@ghostof15hook on July 10: "what ppl fail to realize is that @Baltfirechief has 0 ties to this city, these cuts are a resume boost for him, he wont be here in 10yrs"

@Engine714fever on July 3: "Has anyone ever been rescued out of a fire by a city mayor or council person? Just curious"

@WmRandomWard on June 30: "So Clack is postponing closures so the companies [can] handle calls from the storm. Guess we won't have anymore storms then...."

@ltpuddin on June 26: "Don't know if one person could possibly HATE their employer more than right now? I dare anyone to find one happy employee right now"

@BCFDWilbur on June 7: "@baltcityfire If citizens/firefighters r hurt/die in areas of closings.Politicians have to live knowing they could have prevented it."