City expected to award $80,000 to elderly man injured in fall

Baltimore's Board of Estimates is expected to award an $80,000 settlement Wednesday to an elderly man who was injured after tripping on a damaged city sidewalk.

Clifton Chambers suffered a dislocated hip and other injuries after tripping "on a very uneven stretch of sidewalk" behind Mount Vernon's Waxter Center, said City Solicitor George Nilson.

Chambers had just returned from a city-sponsored bus trip for seniors to Atlantic City, Nilson said. It was dark out and Chambers was unable to see the bumpy sidewalk, he said.

Chambers "suffered some significant injuries in the fall," Nilson said, noting that the man's prosthetic leg was also damaged as a result.

Nilson did not have more precise details, such as the man's age or the date of the incident, immediately available Tuesday.

He said the city rejects most suits involving uneven sidewalk claims but that in this case, the damage to the sidewalk was substantial and presented a hazard.

The five-member Board of Estimates, of which Nilson is a member, is expected to approve the settlement Wednesday.

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