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Pugh signs bill to issue $250 fines to motorists who park in bus lanes

Mayor Catherine Pugh on Thursday signed into law a bill that would create a $250 fine for motorists who park in bus lanes.

City Councilman Ryan Dorsey, the bill’s sponsor, said his intent is to dissuade drivers from slowing down the city’s public transportation systems. Motorists can already be towed if they park in bus lanes or in front of bus stops, but a $250 fine would be an added reason to curb the behavior, Dorsey said.

“This is a way of showing we mean business about prioritizing transportation needs of all users of the roads of Baltimore City, not just owners of cars,” he said. “I’m really thankful for the mayor’s support.”

Dorsey said a fiscal analysis of the bill determined it could generate about $760,000 for the city budget annually and result in fewer violations.

The fine goes into effect in 30 days.



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