To mark the anniversary of the Great Baltimore Fire of February 7, 1904, Wayne Schaumburg, left, and the Fire Museum of Maryland hosted a tour of some of the affected sites. Mary Maguire, 76, far right, and her daughter, Colleen Phebus, 45, second from right, have a personal reason for taking the tour. Maguire's grandmother met her grandfather in the great fire when the plume in her grandmother's hat caught on fire, and her grandfather extinguished it. They are standing next to the The Alex Brown & Sons Company building at the corner of Baltimore and Calvert Streets. which didn't burn down. It was built in 1901 to be "fire proof." According to the plaque on the building, "This building was the first in the United States to be heated exclusively by electricity." Schaumburg says it's the only place in Baltimore where you can still see the actual fire damage the from the Great Baltimore Fire of February 7, 1904.
Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna
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