Transcript of Schaefer remarks

State Comptroller William Donald Schaefer's remarks at the Board of Public Works.

"The other day I went to a fast food [restaurant]."

"The person who was waiting on me didn't speak English. I had to go through a long process of trying to order something. Then I got a bag, and instead of having English on it, it had Spanish and German and every other [language]."

"I think it's about time we started thinking about the people who are coming into our country, learn what English is all about."

"I don't want to adjust to another language. This is the United States. I think they ought to adjust to us."

"Now I'm not going back to that McDonald's again, because I didn't like the fact that I couldn't get an order to them, what I wanted. Second of all, reading the bag that has every language on there except English, that's not right."

"We need to stop talking about it. We're such a great country, we don't think we should do anything like that. We should emphasize English, and we should. The people who come here should become part of American (sic), Americanized and speak the language."

"Now that's just my opinion. Of course I'll most likely lose all the Latin votes and all the other votes. But it is just not right. It is not right."

"I went today, the same thing, only there was a lady from a different country. And one of our, one of our American citizens? I gave my order to the new girl. Nice little girl. She was very accommodating. The little girl beside her had to take the order. People are wondering, 'What the heck is this?' The schools should say, 'English first, then Spanish,' or whatever language they are. Again, I guess I'll lose the Italian vote."

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