Malvo: "It's a plan, you stick to it. You don't deviate, you don't change it."

Walker: "But why was the plan that you be the shooter?"

Malvo: "It's definitely because we're both capable. ..."

Walker: "Now had you already planned where your next target was going to be at that time?"

Malvo: "They were all planned beforehand."

Walker: "You planned them all beforehand? Every single one was planned, and you just went in some kind of order in which they were planned."

Malvo: "Uh huh. ..."

Walker: "And so you were going to go through them all again until we listened to or?

Malvo nods.

Walker: "You started in Montgomery County, and it's Montgomery County where you ended?"

Malvo: "We had a strategy from the beginning."

Walker: "Where? what? "

Malvo: "You keep your enemy fortified."

Walker: "OK."

Malvo: "You stretch them out and make them weak. ..."

Walker: "How long were you going to shoot, kill people?"

Malvo: "The detectives could have stopped us at six."

Walker: "They could have stopped it at six."

Malvo: "They chose not to."

Walker: "How could they have stopped it?"

Malvo: "Heed to the demands."

Walker: "Heed to the demands and that was for the money, right, and you were going to continue shooting until they heeded to the demands."