Malvo shakes his head.

Walker: "You intended to kill them all?"

Malvo nods his head.

Walker: "Everyone you shot you intended to kill?"

Malvo: "Well I I intended to kill them all. ..."

Walker: "OK, did you want us to catch you?"

Malvo: "I would prefer to be elusive, unknown and free."

Walker: "So why do you think we caught you?"

Malvo: "My my laziness, my lack of discipline."

Walker: "Your lack of discipline? What does that mean?"

Malvo: "I departed from something."

Walker: "You departed from something?"

Malvo: "Yeah that I know works for five minutes of pleasure. ..."

Walker: "Were you the triggerman in all of them?"

Malvo: "Basically, yeah."

Walker: "Basically, OK, basically means in most of them but not all?"

Malvo: "In all of them."

Walker: "You were the triggerman in all of them."

Malvo nods.

Walker: "OK, why?"