Malvo: "It took time to plan it."

Walker: "So that was work?"

Malvo: "So that was work."

Walker: "Other than that work, OK, other than that work, OK."

Malvo: "Nope."

Walker: "How were you all living?"

Malvo: "Now you are deviating, you said it was only about a specific crime, and it wouldn't go any further than that. Now you are deviating from what you said."

Walker: "OK, all right. Thanks for telling me because if that's a problem, I won't, OK. OK, um, let's go back to the gas station there. If there were other people at the gas pumps, OK, why did you select the target, the man?

Malvo: "He came within my zone. ..."

Walker: "How long have you been shooting?"

Malvo: "Not even a year."

Walker: "Not even a year? You learned pretty fast."

Malvo: "I tried."

Walker: "What did you train on?"

Malvo: "Paper plates."

Walker: "Paper plates? Oh yeah."

Malvo: "Head."

Walker: "For the head? So paper plates represent the head? What kind of weapon? Because obviously you are pretty good. I mean. "

Malvo: "All. ..."

Walker: "OK, now for my understanding, OK, because I have had some thoughts about this, OK, were there some people you wanted not to die?"