"These are gross generalizations, but having women would be good," he said.

The defense team rejected four men and only two women. Prosecutors cut five women and one man. The fact that few people with military experience or connections to law enforcement survived the selection process was a loss for prosecutors, Cleary said.

"The prosecutors would want to have military types," he said. "They tend to be very conservative, much more of an eye-for-an-eye temperament."

University of Virginia law professor Anne M. Coughlin said it's hard to judge who will benefit from the picking of a jury.

"It's not a science," Coughlin said. "You have stereotypes that you rely on ... but if they can get into that room and listen and work together, anything can happen."

Malvo has been doodling and sketching on a yellow legal pad in court, sometimes drawing the courtroom, and has been actively speaking with his lawyers, often smiling broadly. His attire of crew-neck sweaters over button-down shirts and slacks lets him look young and clean-cut.

On Friday, Judge Jane Marum Roush renewed her decision to bar photography in the courtroom throughout the trial.

Today's opening statements by Horan and Cooley, two courtroom veterans, are expected to last at least an hour each, giving Horan the opportunity to launch into emotional testimony by Franklin's husband.

Horan is likely to preview his contention that Malvo was half of a killing team - two confessions were unveiled during pretrial hearings - and his plan to mesh the evidence he will present with the capital murder charges.

The charges allege that Malvo killed more than one person in three years and that Franklin's killing was part of a scheme to extort $10 million from the government.

Cooley will display maps to try to show the jury that Malvo's mother bounced him from one Caribbean island to another and from one caretaker to another so that he could not form long-term bonds.

Cooley said that made the youth so susceptible to Muhammad's brainwashing that Malvo converted from Seventh-day Adventist to a form of Islam that Cooley said might have been peculiar to Muhammad.

Horan expects to take about a week to present about 50 witnesses. The defense, still trying to finalize travel arrangements for witnesses from Antigua, will call about 70, starting Nov. 21.

Cooley made an unsuccessful bid to dump the jury panel, contending that it eliminated a significant part of the population because people who would not impose a death penalty were ineligible to sit as jurors.

Horan countered that people who would vote only a death sentence were also ruled out because anyone who cannot consider both possible penalties cannot be a juror in a capital case.