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Coverage of William Donald Schaefer's life and death

  • Quotes: Remembering Schaefer

    Quotes: Remembering Schaefer

    Harry R. Hughes, governor of Maryland, 1979-1987 "Our interactions were not always friendly; that is putting it mildly. … I still call him the mayor. I think most people do. … He really loved Baltimore. I don't think he ever got over that. That was his first love." Parris N. Glendening, governor...

  • Timeline of Schaefer's public life

    Timeline of Schaefer's public life

    Significant dates in William Donald Schaefer's half-century in politics: 1950: Schaefer, a graduate of the University of Baltimore law school, opens downtown practice. Runs unsuccessfully for the House of Delegates from West Baltimore. 1954: Fails again to win seat in House of Delegates. 1955:...

  • What they're saying about Schaefer

    What they're saying about Schaefer

    • By popular demand, Esquire posted scans of its longform profile of Schaefer from October 1984, titled "Can the Best Mayor Win?" The setup on the magazine's politics blog: Insider-baseball as it may sound, these Beltway beat writers were referencing one of the great Esquire stories not just in...

  • From the archives: Schaefer couldn't leave on his own

    In the end, Maryland Democrats wanted no more of William Donald Schaefer. Whether it was the unseemly behavior that became too much to ignore, or the cumulative effect of years of befriending Republicans, or simply the sense that the 84-year-old Schaefer was a relic of a bygone era, the party that...

  • Schaefer's last press coference: No regrets, no excuses