District 2: Christopher C. Boardman

Age: 63 Party affiliation: Democrat Education: bachelors from Temple University; masters in liberal arts from Johns Hopkins University; nursing diploma from Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Experience: writer and editor; registered nurse Quote/top issue: anti-war candidate; opposes Afghanistan war and $200 million daily cost; "'What-if' situations are dreamed up by war planners in obscure offices of the Pentagon. The problem with 'what-ifs' is that defense contractors start preparing for the 'what-ifs' by building bases in far off places and manufacturing exotic weapons, all at tremendous costs, because the 'what-ifs' could happen, but if the U.S. Government were doing better job at preparing for peaceful relations, the 'what-ifs' are much less likely to happen. We have a perfect example of this with Iran."
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