Rep. Andy Harris (R-1st District)

Total value assets: $1,525,050-$4,050,000. Earned income: Johns Hopkins University, $123,705; State of Maryland, $40,011; Tidewater Anesthesia Associates, $27,000; Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland, $5,500. Honoraria: None. Major assets: American Century Global Gold fund, $100,001-$250,000; American Century International Discovery fund, $100,001-$250,000; American Century Money Market fund, $250,001-$500,000; TIAA Traditional, $100,001-$250,000; CREF Equity Index, $100,001-$250,000; CREF Global Equity, $100,001-$250,000; Maryland State Retirement, 457, 401K, Investment Contract Pool, $100,001-$250,000; Maryland State Retirement, 457, 401K, Large Cap Value, $100,001-$250,000; 403b Vanguard, Money Market, $100,001-$250,000. Major sources of unearned income: IRA Abbott Labs, $1,001-$2,500; IRA Baxter Labs, $1,001-$2,500; IRA Glaxo, $1,001-$2,500; . Major liabilities: None. Gifts: None. Harris was a member of the Maryland General Assembly in 2010 and practiced medicine at Johns Hopkins University. The Baltimore County Republican has since taken a leave of absence from Hopkins, but continues to see patients. The delegation's most junior member, he is also among its most wealthy.
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