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17. Its Latin name is Callinectes sapidus: Maryland blue crab.

18. The five athletes from the University of Maryland voted to the Atlantic Coast Conference's 50th Anniversary Top 50 Male Athletes list were John Lucas, Len Bias, Randy White, Renaldo Nehemiah and Juan Dixon.

19. True: I once saw a sign in West Baltimore that said, "Steamed Females, $4 a dozen, no tricks."

20. In Serial Mom, Kathleen Turner hated - and sometimes murdered - people who didn't recycle.

21. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Patrick and Benjamin Binder, 1987: Siamese twins, attached at heads, were separated during 22-hour surgery.

22. If you reached for a caddis with trailing shuck in the Gunpowder River, you'd be fly-fishing, and trying to fool a trout.

23. His middle name is Spyros; his first, Paul; his last, Sarbanes.

24. In East Baltimore - it's blue, it's plastic and it's known as "Italian luggage." It's a Santoni's shopping bag.

25. The year they changed the name of Friendship Airport to Baltimore-Washington International was ... a dark year in Maryland history. It was 1973.

26. "Our meatloaf is made, not accumulated" is the motto of the Doghouse on the Fallsway.

27. The year I-95 opened between Baltimore and Washington: 1971.

28. My mother is the former Rose Popolo.

29. The great gray buried at Sagamore Farm: Native Dancer.

30. Unscramble F C L F B A U R F and you get crab fluff, hon.
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