The many faces of Clark Rockefeller

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Clark Rockefeller might not be a real descendant of the oil tycoon, but if authorities and reports are to be believed, he sure was a lot of other things:

•A German student named Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, who lived with families in Connecticut until he wore out their hospitality. •A teen who left his wife in Wisconsin a day after they wed.

•A Wall Street bond salesman named Christopher Crowe who talked a good game but rarely closed a deal.

•A guesthouse tenant named Christopher Chichester who has long been a suspect in the disappearance and presumed deaths of the couple who owned the San Marino, Calif., home.

•And Clark Rockefeller, a stay-at-home dad who lived in a $2 million brownstone in Boston's tony Beacon Hill until his wealthy wife grew suspicious of his background and divorced him.

This twisted life of multiple identities unraveled after Rockefeller was accused of kidnapping his daughter, Reigh, on July 27 during a supervised visit in Boston. He was caught a week later in Baltimore. The girl was found safe and has been restored to her mother.

Rockefeller has refused to cooperate with investigators as he remains jailed in Boston without bail. His attorney, Stephen Hrones, reiterated yesterday that Rockefeller can't remember anything before 1993. The family of the wealthy oil tycoon Rockefeller says he's not related, and authorities say they can't find any record of this "Rockefeller" before 1993.

"We have all these different stories from everywhere. He says he doesn't remember anything. He's my client, and I believe him until I see solid evidence that he's not who he says he is," Hrones said yesterday outside the jail.

Hrones said that although his client has no memory, he vehemently denies any involvement with the disappearance and presumed deaths of Jonathan and Linda Sohus of San Marino, Calif.

"There are certain things you know you didn't do," Hrones said.

But authorities say they have three fingerprints attached to three other names - and they appear to be linked to Rockefeller.

Los Angeles police say Rockefeller's fingerprints matched those on an old license application submitted by Chichester, long a suspect in the disappearance of Jonathan and Linda Sohus.

Rockefeller's prints also match those on a stockbroker's license application filed under the name of Christopher Crowe, The Boston Globe reported yesterday, citing law enforcement sources.

The most definitive word on his identity so far came yesterday when a man in Germany confirmed that Rockefeller was his brother, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, the son of an artist and homemaker who felt he was better than his modest upbringing.

"It seems you found my brother," Alexander Gerhartsreiter said upon being handed a photo of Rockefeller by a Boston Herald reporter at his home. "It is really a shock."

He said his older brother was born Feb. 21, 1961, in Siegsdorf, Upper Bavaria, and was raised in the house where his family still lives.

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