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Sun coverage: Dixon on trial

  • Defense: Dixon thought cards were meant for her

    In shift, attorney says mayor thought boyfriend intended them as gifts

  • From Dixon's lawyer comes an early shot across Lipscomb's bow

    It's just one of the giant white binders that Mayor Sheila Dixon's lawyers keep at hand on the defense table, their way of organizing documents for her trial, but it's apparently the most important one. "DIXON LIPSCOMB RELATIONSHIP," the cover says in big black letters. Therein, the mayor's lawyer...

  • Nothing says 'I love you' like an anonymous envelope of gift cards

    Now here's a courting ritual perfect for a big-city mayor: Leave $1,000 in Target and Best Buy gift cards in a plain envelope -- no note, no name -- at her office in City Hall. It might look fishy, especially if the guy dropping off the cards is a big developer doing business with the city. But...

  • Defense message: Dixon cares

    Defense message: Dixon cares

    The lawyers defending Mayor Sheila Dixon in her trial on theft charges will attempt to convince the jury -- the one in the courtroom and the much bigger one out here in the rain -- that that the only pattern of behavior in the case was a pattern of caring for the poor, of generosity and charity....

  • Potential witnesses in Dixon trial

    An alphabetical list of the 72 potential witnesses in Mayor Dixon's theft trial • Click here for complete coverage of the trial