Attempts to reach the house's owner were unsuccessful.

Robert and Peggy Pratt, who also live on the cul-de-sac, remember an occasion when the football players knocked on their door to warn them about an upcoming party.

"They came to us, to the neighbors, and said, 'Look, we're going to have a party. We're just going to let you know, there is going to be a lot of people here. If something happens, as far as trash, we will come back and clean everything up,'" Robert Pratt said.

By the next morning, whatever mess had been there was already cleaned up, the Pratts said. But someone had hit a utility box and taken out a few mailboxes.

"It looked like a ping-pong ball — hit that and hit that," Peggy Pratt said.

The house has been a rental property for as long as the Pratts have lived on the street; they moved in 27 years ago. And the football players didn't cause much trouble, by most neighborly standards.

"Their grass was cut. Everything was taken care of," Robert Pratt said.

Some neighbors called the police with complaints, but the Pratts said the parties weren't loud enough to rouse them or their black pugs, Knucklehead and Spanky. Still, they were irritated by speeding on the cul de sac.

The couple called the sexual assault allegations "scary," especially as they considered that their daughter, who was 22 in 2012, came home late after closing shifts at the Cheesecake Factory.

"When I told her about it, it really freaked her out," Peggy Pratt said. "She wasn't getting home until 2 or 3 in the morning. … She said, 'Mom if I had known that, I would have been scared to come home at that time of morning,' because it could have been breaking up then and who knows who was on the street?"