Annapolis prisoner admits threatening Anne Arundel judge

An Annapolis man who admitted sending a threatening letter from his prison cell to an Anne Arundel County judge who'd sentenced him to serve 10 years for armed robbery had a year and a day added onto his sentence Friday.

"I will send a firebomb into your workplace and destroy you if you become more resistant," said the letter that Richard Glenn Parker Jr., 26, acknowledged sending to Circuit Court Judge Paul A. Hackner after Hackner sentenced him in 2010. The letter was signed Jesus Christ, according to Anne Arundel prosecutors.

Retired Judge Dana Levitz, brought back to handle the case, accepted the negotiated plea to threatening a public official. Parker's lawyer said Parker, serving sentences in several cases, was scheduled for prison release in 2025 and was frustrated by his inability to land a new trial or sentence reduction.

"All I just want is my freedom," Parker told Levitz.

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