"If I had just had one, I probably would have paid it," she said. She had one ticket dismissed in court and Baker canceled three others in the fall when she questioned whether the camera was working properly.

Braun told Judge H. Richard Duden III that she supports the cameras, especially since her children will soon attend Germantown Elementary. "I respect the intent of the camera, but I firmly believe it was malfunctioning," she said.

The speed camera recorded Braun at 42 mph; she thinks she was going just under 21 mph.

Jaime Hanafourde was clocked going 48 mph on Cedar Park, which she said is highly unlikely. The speed limit is 25 mph and she believes she drove just under 30 mph.

"You'd absolutely know it's wrong to travel at [48 mph]," she said.

Corinne Irwin, accused of going 43 mph, also had her ticket dismissed by Duden. "I don't speed in general, and I did not speed on the day I was cited," she said.

After the court hearing, Baker said police checked and tested the Cedar Park Road camera and found it was working properly. In addition to checking the mechanics of the camera, police have run standard radar guns alongside the speed camera.

"I have confidence in what we're doing," Baker said, adding that he thinks violations eventually will decrease on Cedar Park.

"At some point, people will get the message that the cameras will be there until we see a change," he said.

RedSpeed is now offering training on speed camera operations for Anne Arundel judges who preside in traffic court. Beerup said some judges might not be familiar with her company's technology because speed cameras are still new in the area. She's confident her company's cameras work well.

"We are going above and beyond what is mandated by law," she said.



Annapolis cameras

Annapolis has had speed cameras in place since April 2013. The three cameras can be moved among different locations. Here's how many speeding tickets have been issued since implementation to drivers going at least 12 mph above the speed limit, according to police:

•Southeast Forest Drive at Annapolis Middle School: 1,046.

•Northwest Forest Drive at Annapolis Middle School: 2,033.

•Cedar Park Drive at Germantown Elementary School: 4,004.

•Hilltop Lane at Aleph Bet Jewish Day School: 1,718.

•Eastbound Forest Hills Avenue at Tyler Heights Elementary School: 48.

•Westbound Forest Hills Avenue at Tyler Heights Elementary School: 132.