At 30, the mayor-elect acknowledges many voters questioned his credentials.

"Who are you? What have you done? Why should you be mayor?" are some of the questions he was asked on the campaign trail.

Pantelides, who once worked in ad sales for The Baltimore Sun and The Capital, said he looked at the campaign through the lens of his experience as a salesman. Instead of selling newspaper ads or software, he was selling himself.

He had to sell himself against a known quantity. Cohen has spent a dozen years in the public eye as an Annapolis alderman, Anne Arundel County Councilman and mayor.

"It was a huge uphill battle," Pantelides said.

He said he thinks he erased concerns about his youth once people heard him speak or saw his videos posted online.

He said people got over the "30 number."

When the Embassy of Greece called with congratulations for being elected mayor at a young age, Pantelides was ready with a culturally appropriate quip: "I'm a little behind — Alexander the Great conquered the world at 27."

As a relatively young mayor-elect, Pantelides is planning some changes in his personal life. He's unmarried and living with roommates — a situation that he plans to change.

"The mayor needs his own place," he said jokingly.

But with so much on his plate with government and politics, a home search may have to wait.

"It's on my to-do list," he said. "It's, like, eight items down."