Annapolis police say bicycle thefts spiked in May, June

Annapolis police say they are responding to May and June's surge in bicycle thefts in the city by adding patrols. Public information officer Amy Miguez said 21 bicycles were stolen in Annapolis in May and 15 were stolen in June.

By comparison, two bikes were stolen in May 2013, Miguez said.

The recent spike exceeds the expected uptick of bicycle thefts during the summer, when people use their bikes more often and leave them outside.

Miguez stressed the need to lock up bikes. Only one of the 15 bikes stolen in June was locked; others were left in the front yard or in unlocked garages, she said.

Annapolis Police has a Watch Your Bike program that allows residents to register a bike's color, serial number, model and make with the police. For more information about the program or two organize a community registration, Annapolis residents may contact Craig Medley at 410-268-9000 ext. 5752 or

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