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Martin O'Malley

O'Malley presses for stronger gun laws, Confederate flag removal

Promising to "rebuild the heart of America's cities," former Gov. Martin O'Malley used an appearance at a meeting of the nation's mayors on Sunday to call for a federal ban on assault weapons and stricter regulations on gun purchases. O'Malley, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president,...


  • Mayor's race: Many candidates, few ideas

    Mayor's race: Many candidates, few ideas

    By two easily quantifiable measures, we have more serious candidates for mayor than Baltimore has seen in decades. The latest poll in the race, by Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies, shows six candidates with at least 5 percent support in the polls. That didn't happen in 2011, when Stephanie...

  • O'Malley understands climate challenge

    I would like to thank Gov. Martin O'Malley for his words on climate change during Sunday's presidential debate ("Democrats take sharp turn," Jan. 18). Climate change is an existential threat to humanity, and Governor O'Malley is the only candidate in either party who has consistently given it a...

  • Democrats should stay undecided

    That Sen. Bernie Sanders does better than Hillary Clinton in simulated general election matches is really about the fact that a plurality of Americans say they don't trust her ("Democrats take sharp turn," Jan. 18). Hillary is a bad risk candidate, but so is Bernie, and with Republicans taking...

National Politics

Hillary Clinton's two-part strategy for derailing Bernie Sanders' campaign

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  • Mapping Martin O'Malley's travel

    Mapping Martin O'Malley's travel

    Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley announced his presidential campaign in Baltimore on Saturday, and then immediately hit the campaign trail. The two-term governor and former Baltimore mayor has been racking up airline miles for months, sometimes at a dizzying pace. That effort will only grow...

  • Martin O'Malley's presidential announcement comes amid revived criticism of policing policies

    Martin O'Malley's presidential announcement comes amid revived criticism of policing policies

    As Martin O'Malley climbs Federal Hill, where he is expected to launch his campaign for president Saturday, he will carry with him a decade-old record on fighting crime that is drawing new scrutiny amid an unprecedented national debate over police brutality. In speeches around the country leading...

  • Who is running for president in 2016?

    Who is running for president in 2016?

    In order from most recently announced, here are the announced candidates for the 2016 presidential election. Click on each of the names to read the most recent stories about each candidate.

  • O'Malley set to take a leap into 2016

    O'Malley set to take a leap into 2016

    More than a decade ago, Bill Clinton threw his arm around the handsome, brash leader of Baltimore who had just been named by a national magazine as the country's "best young mayor." "Congratulations to Mayor O'Malley on being the Esquire magazine cover boy," Clinton teased as a dozen cameras captured...

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Cruz app data collection helps campaign read minds of voters

Protecting the privacy of law-abiding citizens from the government is a pillar of Ted Cruz's Republican presidential candidacy, but his campaign is testing the limits of siphoning personal data from supporters. His "Cruz Crew" mobile app is designed to gather detailed information from its users'...