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Martin O'Malley


  • O'Malley is better than Hillary Clinton. Here's why.

    O'Malley is better than Hillary Clinton. Here's why.

    There's a myth among Hillary Clinton supporters that decades of experience has made the former secretary of state the most pragmatic choice for president in 2016. And like most fairy tales, it conveniently glosses over the heroine's flaws: her 31,000-plus missing emails (the subject of a lawsuit...

  • Hogan sells families short

    Hogan sells families short

    Gov. Larry Hogan finally was able to have a "triumphant" moment when he unilaterally lowered tolls that will cost the Maryland Transportation Authority $54 million per year in funding that could have been used to rehabilitate our infrastructure or plan, design and build new infrastructure ("What...

  • Hogan criticism goes too far

    Hogan criticism goes too far

    It seems like not a day goes by without The Sun writing something negative about Gov. Larry Hogan. The latest involves the reduction in tolls ("What price for lower tolls?" May 8).

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