Forty-nine-year-old Anna Stanczyk, a Polish immigrant who has lived in Rockaway Beach for nearly 20 years, said she's not backing down from her story that two police officers from the 100th Precinct roughed her up during a dispute about dog poop.

According to Stanczyk, the officers confronted her from their patrol car the morning after Thanksgiving, on Shore Front Parkway, as she was walking her terrier, Psotka.

"One officer, he got out and looked at the ground, and of course, he found an old poop from another dog. He said with a mean voice, 'What's here?' I said 'It's poop, but it doesn't belong to my dog.'"

Stanczyk said the conflict soon escalated, when the officer demanded she pick up the feces.

"I said it doesn't belong to my dog. He repeated, 'Pick up," so I just picked up. But it was cold."

Stanczyk said when she insisted to the officers that she did nothing wrong, she was told she was going to be arrested. She claims they shoved her in the back of the patrol car, when she refused to let them cuff her hands.

"They hit me, they hit my face and my back."

Photographs of her injuries obtained by PIX 11 News show extensive bruising on her face, breast and shoulder. Stanczyk was placed into custody at the 100th Precinct, before facing a judge in Queens Criminal Court.

Stancyzk has since filed a complaint with the NYPD's Civilian Complaint Review Board. She also says she has a couple of witnesses who say they will back her up.

When PIX 11 entered the 100th Precinct Wednesday seeking comment, a sergeant said, "You will have to call DCPI." That's the acronym for the NYPD's Office of Public Information, which deals with press inquiries.

PIX 11 News caught up with two dog owners who were walking their pets on Shore Front Parkway Wednesday afternoon. One, named Richard, told us local police are aggressive with dog walkers in the area. But another, Steven Cohen, said the cops are respectful.

"They don't bother me at all. They do their jobs." Cohen gave us something of an education about how dogs go to the bathroom. "Female dogs don't lift their leg, like a male dog. So, if a dog squats down, if it's a female, it looks like the dog is doing number two."

Anna Stancyzk says her female dog was doing number oneĀ…..urinating.