"It is little bit sneaky," said Katie Luscombe, 24, of Brooklyn after hearing about the latest idea Starbucks Coffee Company came up with to squash squatters.

Squatters are the folks who set up shop with their laptops and surf for hours on end.

A spokesperson for the coffee giant says its become a problem in many New York City stores.

"Customers purchase a latte and a pastry and there is nowhere to sit down in these really high volume stores," said spokesman Alan Hilowitz.

The solution, he says, is for stores to start blocking the electrical outlets.

"That would not work for me! I'm always forgetting to charge my phone and wherever I am, a lot of times I'm going to Starbucks," said Luscombe.

While she understands why the company wants to deter those who hunker down, she doesn't agree with it.

"It's not profitable for them if someone spends a dollar then stays there for hours but I think it goes against how Starbucks started off as a place where you could hang out."

Luscombe has a point especially when you look at the mission statement on Starbuck's website. The coffee company says it wants it's customers to feel a sense of belonging in it's stores saying, "Its about enjoyment at the speed of life, sometimes slow, savored sometimes faster."

Individual stores will deal with their own squatter scenarios on a case-by-case basis.