You wouldn't recognize Jack and Bessie Lopipero, but chances are you would recognize their Astoria home. It was featured on the hit show "Seinfeld."

The house was the back drop for George Costanza's parents, Frank and Estelle Costanza -- played by Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris.

Seinfeld was filmed in Los Angeles, but the exterior of the Queens home was used in all seasons and times of day.

The characters never entered their home, but last week a surprise guest showed up for a Daily News spread featuring historic houses: Jerry Stiller.

"It was unusual," Jack Lopipero told PIX 11 News.

His wife also shared in the excitement.

"I was surprised ... very surprised and excited," said Bessie Lopipero.

The Lopiperos got tons of autographed photos from the cast but never received any compensation.

However, Bessie says they didn't need too. She said it was an honor and a thrill to see their home on the hit show that became a part of American Culture.

"It was exciting, I just loved it, I watched it all the time," she said.

The Lopiperos say Stiller was nothing like his character.

"It wasn't like he was on the program, on the program he was very grouchy," said Jack Lopipero.