Flushing, Queens has become focal point for FBI agents--and police--investigating possible terror cells operating out of New York City.

Three buddies who graduated from Flushing High School have been busted now in connection with the probe of a transit system " bomb plot".

The PIX Investigates unit took a closer look at the surveillance done on two of the men over the last four months, ever since the FBI raided multiple apartments in Flushing last September.

Peter Choi, an elderly neighbor of suspect, Adis Mejunjanin, recalls getting questioned by police, "They ask me, 'Do you see any suspicious people?'"

Others living in the Linden Towers Co-Op complex recall how FBI agents took up their parking spots over the last four months, while doing surveillance.

Yet another resident, Barbara Muscarella, remembered seeing Mejunjanin--an American with Bosnian-born parents--dressed in his religious, Islamic garb, "and then he stopped wearing it," Muscarella recalled, "in the summertime."

Mejunjanin crashed his car on the Whitestone Expressway last Thursday, angrily driving away from his home, after FBI agents came to the building on 137th street to seize his passport. They arrested him at the scene of the accident.

Mejunjanin graduated from Queens College last June with a degree in economics. He's pleaded not guilty to receiving military training from Al Qaeda in Pakistan back in 2008. His high school friend, Zerein Admedzay, who was born in Afghanistan, has pleaded not guilty to lying about his trip to Pakistan in 2008. The feds believe both men traveled to Pakistan with another friend from Flushing High School, Najibullah Zazi, in August 2008. Zazi has been in custody since September, accused of plotting to blow up the New York City transit system. He has also pleaded not guilty.

A sister of Zerein Admedzay made a statement to PIX Investigates outside the family's Parsons Boulevard home. Of the FBI's surveillance, she said: "I respect that they're doing their jobs, but they raided our house, they took our possessions, we answered all their questions, we're trying to cooperate, but still, you know, this is not right, because we're telling the truth! What do they have against us? We have no links to these people they're saying! Just because he went to high school with tyhem, that doesn't mean anything."