Subways, buses and trains aren't the only vehicles in motion at the MTA. PIX 11 News reporter Greg Mocker discovered MTA cars are also rolling around town with chauffeurs at the wheel.

While reviewing a list of more than 70,000 employees published by the Empire Center for New York State Policy, Mocker found the MTA employs two Chauffeur Guards, three Chauffeurs, and eight people with the title Chauffeur-Store.

As Mocker set out to find answers about these positions, he felt like he was "going down a government rabbit hole" with executives sending him to different agencies for answers – some of which were incomplete. (To see his quest for answers, watch the video above.)

He did discover the two Chauffeur Guards work for the NYC Transit Authority with a job description that includes taking care of the motor pool, performing vehicle maintenance, and driving MTA executives as needed.

The other 11 Chauffeurs are assigned to the Long Island Railroad. "These guys are truck drivers," a LIRR media representative told Mocker. That was confirmed by a union representative who said the titles have been used since the early days of the railroad.

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