The Metro-North is considering the purchase of double decker trains in 2015 to ease the overcrowding on their Harlem and Hudson lines.

The double decker trains would cost Metro North the same if they were to purchase single-level trains, but would carry a third more passengers.

According to railroad officials the size of the double-deckers would not be an issue in regards to the commute through the narrow clearance of Grand Central Terminal.

If the purchase is approved commuters would be able to experience a different commute with better seating, and breathtaking views.

Though luxury may come at a price, there may be a few drawbacks. Of course adding another level may cause a lack of overhead luggage racks, and a bit of competition between riders as they may scramble for prime seating.

Once purchased Metro North would then be up to speed with their neighboring stations; the Long Island Railroad, and New Jersey Transit.

"Customers love them for a number of reasons," according to Dan Stessel; spokesman for the New Jersey transit.

President of Metro North, Howard Permut stated that this purchase would help with the ridership greatly as it has risen over 10 percent over the past 5 years.

Right now the Metro north is running at a large capacity in regards to entering Grand Central Terminal. With the purchase of the double-decker trains they will increase the amount of passengers they could carry with out increasing the amount of trains they add to the tracks.