A Manhattanville student was found dead in faculty housing Monday morning, according to reports.

Harrison police have ruled the death a homicide.

The female - described as a student athlete - lived on campus with her parents. Her body was found by a campus security guard around 12:15 p.m., police said.

"This is a family incident," Capt. Anthony Marrinucci told PIX News. "We believe with certainty there is no danger to the campus community."

The victim has not been identified.

Many of the students on campus told PIX News they were unaware a murder occurred on campus.

"Crazy stuff happens around the country every year," said sophomore Daniel Kramer. "This is the first i've heard of the murder...I'm very surprised."

Manhattanville college president, Molly Easo Smith, released a statement reading, " We are saddened by the loss of a member of our community a student," she said. "At the moment we're working to facilitate the police investigation. We've been reassured by the police who are investigating ... that our campus is safe and secure, that this is an isolated incident."

Smith said the student and her family had been part of the campus community for many years.

College spokesman Peter Giles announced Monday afternoon that classes would resume normally as scheduled.